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And now we're back!

For those Alice on Me lovers, we apologize for being absent in the last couple of weeks. We've somewhat been m.i.a not just for the sake of it but we've been away traveling, thinking of new ideas to bring to you! especially since Christmas is around the corner. Ahh Christmas, a time for family, friends, great food and a whole lot of presents! Oh did i mention the famous CC words we're hearing around town? No its not Coco Chanel, think more of Credit crunch! Well we've joined forces with a few new entrants to bring you special Christmas packages such as beautiful hand made scrapbooks, journals, notebooks which all come with matching headbands!

But also, we have new headbands to our collections. I have not uploaded this in our 'Designs and Collections' section, because there is just a too big a variety for me to showcase them! Cause we like to make our headbands one of a kind, so below is a peak of what's new. And if your interested in getting your hands on some, come by to Glebe markets! We'll be there on the 29th November or if you cant make it just email us and we can custom make one for you and arrange for postage!

Anyway, till the next time
much love

Because of you.

To everyone who came along to Glebe Markets on the 20TH of September we'd like to extend a very warm and grateful THANK YOU! We do know that this is a late note of appreciation as we have all been extremely busy with personal things. But never the less the day could not have gone any better. We started off late, only getting to the markets at around 8:45am, with no enthusiasm of setting up, the day turned out to be one of the best days yet. We were so glad we decided to go, mostly due to the fact we just went cause we couldn't refund or transfer our booking and did not want to waste the money but we have no regrets what so ever.

A special thanks to everyone who helped pack and unpack all our goods. The set up on Saturday was fantastic and somewhat helped with the sales! So well done team! (Pictures are yet to be uploaded. Check back soon!)


Alice and her team will be Out at

GLEBE Markets again on the 18th of October.

(a long way, WE KNOW) We are also trying to get a space at Surry Hills Markets so check back for more updates.

Hope you all can make it!


the start of something new

Here at Alice on me we are always looking for ways to bring our lovely customers the best of everything. Ultimately we would like to create a place where you can come to find great buys, unique pieces made from top quality fabrics.
While walking around the city centre, one of our Alice on Me staff came across a lovely small boutique located inner central of Sydney, New South Wales. Dubbed 'a new generation of shopping centre's bringing a unique shopping experience' One Dixon centre, is unknown to many Sydney-siders and one would think it was an abandoned building. However, it was all by luck that we came across the adorable Zara Collection. The boutique was decorated as if you were transported to an English 1920's scene. Stuffed with vintage traveling bags, as old as Alexander Bell telephones and beautiful black draping chandeliers. With the air being scented by lovely rose scents the place was darling.
We had to find out more. After spending a good 2 hours with the owner. We learn't that the store was a personal expression of what she was like as a person. 'The clothing represents girls who love to dress up. Who love feeling pretty yet want clothes that are not mainstream and are in fact unique. Which is also shown with the store layout' And indeed the clothes are, Spending time trying on their clothes and talking to the sales agents, it was safe to say we all made a dent in our credit cards.

Zara Collection, have established themselves with the locals of One Dixon for almost 2 years. However, have currently put their store on hold. But if you have not yet seen their products, you can still pick up some of their stuff exclusively here at ALICE ON ME. And thats not the best part, now you can get an additional 50% OFF all winter goods and 25% off new arrivals, just cause we LOVE YOU!

So head to 'Zara Collection' on the navigation link at the top and happy browsing!

Remember, if you have any questions forward them to us, and members from our team will be happy to get back to you.


Alice's next outing

To all those UNSW students and all passer by's, ALICE ON ME will be selling a selection of her headbands at the Malaysian Society Junk yard Sale this Wednesday 10th September.

Our gorgeous sales representative- Germaine will be there from 4pm to 9pm at the Round House.

head to http://www.unswroundhouse.com/transport.aspx for more info on how to get there!

Come on by and say hello and grab a great bargain. With lots to see, try and eat its an event not to be missed. After all, ones junk is another persons treasure!

Much love

Back for more!

It has been awhile since we last posted anything on our NEWS page, as we have all been furiously busy with designing, making and a whole lot of planning! However, To all of 'Alice on me' most loyal customers, we have some exciting news! As we loved our first few market experiences, we've decided to head back to the markets! We're going back out to the markets of Sydney for more great Saturday afternoons enjoying what Sydney markets have to offer the fashion, dogs, the hot coco's and the lovely people who support us!

Dates for your diaries:
Saturday 6th September- Surry Hills markets 9am- 4pm

Saturday 13th September- Glebe Markets 9am- 5pm

Saturday 20th September- Glebe Markets 9am-5pm

Come along and bring your girlfriends (or boyfriends who are willing to purchase for you!) and check out our new stuff and the designs you know and love.
We'll love to see you there! If you need any directions or have any other questions, please feel free to email us!

Much love,

thanks a million.

Thanks for everyone who came out to GLEBE on Saturday to help support 'Alice on Me'!

While we got off to a late start, and were all frozen from the chilly Sydney weather, it was still great to see familiar faces come by along with new faces that are now valued customers of Alice! As promised, we have snapshots of our first day out. Check out the side tab 'Alice on me Out&About' for a handful of some fabulous photos taken on the day.

If you couldn't make it, don't worry you can still order online!

Check back for more news, as we are expected to take to the markets again within the next two weeks.


the second showcase

Alice on me has launched her second collection which can now be found at 'designs and collections'! Still maintaining a signature look of quirky and sophisticated styles, these headbands are all 100% handmade.

New to Alice on me include:

the pink peacock
the animal instinct
the envy
school ties
lovely bow
the pleat
natural beauty
the pearl
button me

* * *

And also, due to a great response to Alice's arrival, we have also introduced new head accessories.

We're bringing the 1980's back with a new take on SCRUNCHIES! These items will absolutely brighten up any dull hair moments you may have. Check out:

the bon bon
the precious

SOMETHING TO TRY, these hair clips are a great way to tie back hair without leaving kinks and awkward stray hairs that hair-tyes can leave, take a sneak peak at

the bloom

Love Alice


I have been getting a few questions regarding our collection. And if we have any other designs and styles.Please note that this is only THE FIRST collection, and there will be MORE TO COME.

Check back frequently for more updates and news of new arrivals and sales!

Love Alice


For all those market lovers and first timers Alice on me will be selling her headbands at GLEBE MARKETS on the 9th of August 2008 between 9am and 4pm. Come check it out for some great buys and fabulous headbands!

Come purchase from Alice, and you'll have the opportunity to have your picture taken with our headbands that will be published on our website for everyone to see!

For more information, feel free to contact us
Dont miss out!

Love Alice

Our collection, JUST IN!

Alice on me is here! Making a statement with her new headband collection! Its time to decorate and spice up your hair with...

the Ivy,
Candy canes,
The gem,
Razzle Dazzle

Go to designs and collections and make a decision!

Love Alice

an extravagant welcoming.

Alice- Al·ice fem. proper name, nobility, of noble kind

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A head band for every occasion to add that extra sparkle
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Right at your fingertips, your shop to the only place where we
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