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Because of you.

To everyone who came along to Glebe Markets on the 20TH of September we'd like to extend a very warm and grateful THANK YOU! We do know that this is a late note of appreciation as we have all been extremely busy with personal things. But never the less the day could not have gone any better. We started off late, only getting to the markets at around 8:45am, with no enthusiasm of setting up, the day turned out to be one of the best days yet. We were so glad we decided to go, mostly due to the fact we just went cause we couldn't refund or transfer our booking and did not want to waste the money but we have no regrets what so ever.

A special thanks to everyone who helped pack and unpack all our goods. The set up on Saturday was fantastic and somewhat helped with the sales! So well done team! (Pictures are yet to be uploaded. Check back soon!)


Alice and her team will be Out at

GLEBE Markets again on the 18th of October.

(a long way, WE KNOW) We are also trying to get a space at Surry Hills Markets so check back for more updates.

Hope you all can make it!